Services Offered

Adult Therapy

I work with adults from various backgrounds. I consider individuals in their entirety and emphasize the mind-body connection. The goal of therapy is to reconstruct assumptions and goals and align them with fulfilling one’s purpose in life.
Therapy can reveal influences from childhood. The things we are taught as children shape our adult behaviors and at times we don’t realize we have other options. I will provide the tools and encouragement so that you can reframe negative influences from the past and move forward into a purposeful future.


Couples therapy is a way to help two individuals learn to work together as a unit and strengthen specific areas within their relationship. Couples come to therapy for various reasons, including, intimacy issues, verbal or emotional abuse, different lifestyle beliefs, infidelity, and neglect of the relationship. In my experience working with couples, distrust and lack of communication tend to be the common themes that negatively impact the relationship.
Distrust typically stems from unresolved issues that have carried over from past relationships and simply from our own insecurities. Communication is crucial for any relationship to succeed. When we don’t listen to each other or gain a clear understanding of what the other person is saying, arguing and conflict can arise. From this, a disconnect can form, which can put the relationship at risk and lead to more serious issues.
In couples therapy, I help couples work on setting boundaries within the relationship. This can help with establishing trust. I help couples set and understand expectations, learn healthy forms of communicating, navigate emotional triggers, learn conflict resolution, and work toward balance within the relationship.

Family Therapy

Addressing family issues involve facilitating effective communication. Arguments can negatively impact the family bond causing members to isolate from each other. This can lead to unhealthy sibling rivalries and alliances.
My goal is to help reduce past and present issues, balance togetherness with individual identity, improve communication skills, and increase the health of the family system.
Sessions are practical because we focus on listening skills, birth order of siblings, and parent-child role. We examine the family environment to better understand the family dynamics.

Psychological Expert

This service is perfect for media outlets that need expert commentary about mental health, love and relationships, families, grief and loss, trauma, sexual assault, and personality disorders.